What Might Be Wrong With Your Truck’s Diesel Engine

5 July 2016
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If you have a diesel engine in your truck then you know how reliable they are, but they may still give you some problems just like any other engine. If you're having trouble with your truck's diesel engine, note a few things that might be wrong so you know where to check or what to expect from your mechanic. Not starting in cold weather Diesel engines don't use spark plugs like petrol engines, but they often do have what are called glow plugs. Read More 

Care Tips for Your Trailer Tyres

14 March 2016
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Many people think that trailer tyres seem to have an easy life as compared to their regular vehicle tyres, and therefore that do not give them the attention they deserve. These people often forget that trailer tyres endure all manner of harsh driving conditions every time the tow vehicle is turned, swerved or stopped abruptly. If you own a trailer and you want to get the most service out of its tyres, it is important that you be aware of some of the most useful tips you can follow to keep the tyres in good shape for longer. Read More 

3 Essential Off-Road Components For Your 4WD Vehicle

7 March 2016
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Australia is a huge country with thousands of opportunities to flex the muscles of your four wheel drive vehicle and take it on a memorable off-road adventure. Having a sturdy and reliable 4x4 is the first key step. But you need to prepare further by learning about some components that can make a big difference to your off-road experiences. Whether you have planned a grand adventure in an area such as The Simpson Desert, The Kimberley Region, or Uluru, or you are going on a weekend off-road journey, buying these three essential pieces of kit for your vehicle before leaving is guaranteed to make it a more comfortable and safe experience: Read More 

How to Troubleshoot Some Common Brake Problems With Your Car

19 February 2016
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The brakes of your car are nothing to ignore even if you think the problems they're having are relatively minor. Small problems with brakes can often lead to something more serious so that you cannot stop your car completely, or the brakes may just suddenly seize up. In some cases you may need to buy some new brake parts and have them installed but in other cases, a fluid leak might be involved. Read More