3 Essential Off-Road Components For Your 4WD Vehicle

7 March 2016
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Australia is a huge country with thousands of opportunities to flex the muscles of your four wheel drive vehicle and take it on a memorable off-road adventure. Having a sturdy and reliable 4x4 is the first key step. But you need to prepare further by learning about some components that can make a big difference to your off-road experiences. Whether you have planned a grand adventure in an area such as The Simpson Desert, The Kimberley Region, or Uluru, or you are going on a weekend off-road journey, buying these three essential pieces of kit for your vehicle before leaving is guaranteed to make it a more comfortable and safe experience:

  1. Lift Kit. A lift kit is a modification added to either the suspension or body of your vehicle to help lift it higher off the ground. This increases the clearance of your vehicle, meaning it will be easier for you to navigate through tough off-road terrain. They are one of the best modifications you can make to improve your off-road driving experience.
  2. Bull bar.  A bull bar is a strong metal structure that protects your vehicle in the event it collides with wildlife or livestock. Bull bars are often discouraged in an urban setting, but if you live in a rural area and like to go off-road a lot, or plan on doing so, buying one for your 4x4 makes for a stellar addition to protect your vehicle. It can also protect you from serious injury when driving off-road. Crashing into a large animal when driving through challenging off-road terrain could spell disaster because your control is compromised off-road compared to driving on-road. Adding a bull bar to your 4WD is essential for maximum safety because it reduces the severity of any impact with large objects. 
  3. Winch. A winch is a device composed of a strong cable that connects your car with a sturdy stationary object and can help with recovering it from a difficult situation. These can be lifesavers if you get into trouble when driving off the beaten track, for example, if your 4x4 is stuck in muddy terrain and doesn't have enough traction get out. Most winches work by using a hand crank that allows you to increase the tension in the cable with enough force that your car can be towed to safety. Buying a winch pays for itself any time you end up using it.