Do You Want to Fit a Turbocharger?

6 May 2020
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If you want to improve the efficiency of your car while lowering your fuel consumption and wondering what to buy, then a turbo kit could be a good choice. However, you may have noticed that there seem to be a lot of turbo kit options for you to consider. It can sometimes be almost overwhelming trying to work out which type of turbo kits would be the best fit for your vehicle. While at first glance there might appear to be a lot of variation among turbo kits, you can divide most of them into just two groups:

  • Single turbocharge
  • Twin turbocharge

When you go to the shop to buy turbo kits, you will need to think about which of these types would be a good fit for your vehicle.

What are the advantages of a single turbocharger?

Single turbocharger kits may be the least complex to install, but they can still significantly boost the engine power of your vehicle. While all single turbocharger kits operate on the same principles, you shouldn't make the mistake of assuming that they are all the same. The characteristics which you could expect from your new turbocharger will alter, depending on which kit you choose to purchase. You could opt to boost either the top end or lower end. Improving the low-end will use a smaller turbo that spools more quickly than a larger one. Another consideration that can affect the performance of your turbo is your choice of bearings. Most experts will tell you that which journal bearings are the cheapest option and widely used, while ball bearings will result in a reduced amount of friction.

What are the advantages of a twin turbocharger?

Picking a twin turbo introduces more choice into the configuration and arrangement of your turbochargers. With a single turbo, it is common for RPM tapering to be noticeable; a twinturbo overcomes that problem. The challenge with twin turbos is often deciding how you want to set out your turbos. You could have turbos of different sizes, or you could opt for two turbos of the same size where you use both turbos at a high RPM and just one at a low RPM. If you aren't sure, then it is worth taking the time to research other peoples' experiences with your car model rather than risk a configuration that is less effective than it might be.

A third possibility which you might consider when you want to buy turbo kit options is a twin-scroll turbo. While this kit can be more complex to fit, it does offer the possibility of boosting across a wider RPM range and increasing the flexibility of the tuning.