Lift Kits and Suspension Explained for 4X4 Owners

6 May 2019
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Passenger cars and wagons are not everyone's cup of tea. The ground clearance, handling and suspension don't do so well when you go off-road. You will damage the car. It's no wonder many off-road enthusiasts prefer a high-riding 4x4 utility vehicle. They allow you to modify them and sit atop towering suspension kits that can traverse the toughest terrains on this planet. Most people have no idea how lift and suspension kits work among 4x4 vehicles. Are they good? What expectations should you have? Here is what you need to answer your questions:

  • Why Go for a Lift and Suspension kit on Your 4x4? 

Before you jump into buying suspension and lift kits, you need to understand the reason for lifting your vehicles. Answering this question will help you select the right tools for customising your vehicle's suspension. The possibilities are endless when it comes to 4x4 vehicles. You can tune them for mud racing, high-speed racing in the desert, general purpose all-wheel drive and open country journeys. 

Standard changes to your vehicle include more ground clearance and ability to fit larger tyres. This enables you to ascend and descend steeper ground when you drive off-road. 

  • What Should You Think About? 

You need to think about a couple of things before fitting a lift and suspension kit on your vehicle. First, larger tyres are heavier, and they impose additional strain on your normal suspension. Work with a professional who will guarantee durable components for your suspension. They can combine with lighter aluminium wheels to reduce the stress on the suspension. Secondly, most aggressive off-road tyres don't do well on the highway. They have poor traction and wear faster when used progressively on the highway. If you will frequent the highway with your tuned 4x4, make sure you ask for tyres that can handle a mix of both on-road and off-road conditions. 

  • Do You Need to Tweak the Transmission? 

Taller tyres and wheels need different gear ratios to propel the vehicle appropriately. Your new lift and suspension kits will demand a little tweaking of the transmission so that the engine can spin the new set of tyres. 

  • How Do You Stay on the Right Side of the Law? 

Undoubtedly, some of the changes you will make on your vehicle affect the suspension significantly. They change the way the vehicle performs and handles on the road. Working with licensed dealers and suspension specialists will keep you from illegal installations that will endanger other road users or cost you some huge fines. 

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