Essential Turbo Accessories

28 September 2017
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Turbo describes a vehicle's engine which is powered by a turbine. The turbocharged engine is efficient as when compared to a regular engine of equal power; it consumes less fuel. The turbo engines also feature low volumetric displacement which causes the reduction of both thermal and friction losses. You may have a new car with a turbo engine which you know nothing about. Well, here are some of the essential turbo accessories you might find useful.

Oil Management Accessories 

The ability to manage oil is quite an important characteristic of any turbo system. This is because it ensures a proper working condition and longer service. The oil lubricates all the moving parts which eventually makes the operation of the turbo flawless. It is also mandatory to have an oil delivery system which offers reliability. The turbo oil should also have a pressure regulator which ensures it never goes past the maximum pressure specified by the manufacturers. 

One accessory which can aid in this is the oil pressure regulators which work for the ball bearing turbochargers. This accessory assists in the prevention of leakage from the compressor or turbo stage oil. It also ensures that the oil restrictor delivers only efficiently to the system. Another accessory is the turbo oil feed filters which guarantee that only clean oil gets into the turbo. This prevents any rubble from going into the turbocharger. 

Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses are now becoming the accessories of modern-day race cars due to their prolific features. They offer more flexibility, toughness and strength when compared to the traditional rubber hoses. The silicone hoses also provide better temperature resistance which in effect makes them perfect for heating as well as cooling. The temperature resistance also allows them to be used for charged-air applications. They also perform exceptionally, last longer and do not lose shape even when subjected to extreme conditions.

Some examples of silicone hoses include the hump hose which is used to offer the joints some room for flexibility. This makes them applicable to joints which love to pull off. They can also be used anywhere within a turbo system that requires some movement leeway. Another accessory is the clamps which are used to make up for the effects brought about by thermal cycling. The clamps come along with an inner band which provides adequate sealing pressure with the use of its raised ribs. The clamps also used to ensure no damage is done to the hose once it's tightened.